Coffee anyone? Or tea? Or whatever your poison may be!
A get-together on a Tuesdays, at 2pm at the coffee machine.
We are opening up slots for seminars. Topics can be "blue skies" to brainstorm, or practising and polishing a talk you want to give at a conference, or showing us results of a finished paper, or presenting a project, new or existing. Anything like that.

1. Mar. 2022, 1pm
Humaad Ghani - Spatio-temporal structural evolution of Himalayan FTB in Pakistan

16. May 2022, 2pm
Muhammed Anees - High Heat producing granitoids in the western Himalaya-Karakoram region of Pakistan.”

21. June 2022, 2pm
Annette Götz - The link of Sedimentology and Structural Geology in Energy Ressource Characterisation.”