Our 2-weekly department seminar is back!
Please join us on thursdays at 10:00 in room 131

10 jan., 24 jan., 6 feb. 2020: TBA

5 dec. 2019, 10:00:
Wolfgang Franke: HEATin´EUROPE: heat sources for melting and HT/LP-metamorphism

28 nov. 2019, 10:00 in MN16-5:
Chiara Montomoli: Tectonic evolution of the metamorphic core of the Himalayan belt and Laura Nania: Architecture and kinematics of the South Tibetan Detachment System and the Main Central Thrust in Central Himalaya

21 nov. 2019, 10:00:
Hernan Silva: The Nico Perez Terrane: a record of Archean to Proterozoic tectonometamorphic processes

7 nov. 2019, 11:00:
Muhammad Anees: Multi proxy evaluation of granites in Pakistan as potential geothermal prospects

24 oct. 2019, 10:00:
Renas Koshnaw: Late Miocene deformation of the NW Zagros thrust belt

19 sept. 2019, 11:00:
GeoMuenster preparation meeting with presentations by:

Martin Reyes-Correa: The evolution of Mesozoic rifting in the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia
Ali Abdelhalek: Unraveling an abandoned Oligocene rift segment along the River Nile
Jonas Kley: Mesozoic-Cenozoic uplift and exhumation in Central Europe
Elco Luijendijk: Thermal springs and deep fluid flow in the Alps

23 may 2019:
Ali Abdelhalek: Challenges to unravel an abandoned Oligocene rift segment along the River Nile in Egypt

30 april 2019:
Elco Luijendijk, Jan Tomasek, Ali Abdelhalek: What new and cool geoscience did we find at the EGU general assembly this year?

21 feb 2019:
Saskia Köhler: Distinguishing the sedimentary or tectonic origin of structures in Devonian carbonates at the Bielstein (Harz mts)
Elco Luijendijk: Submarine hot springs and polgyonal faults in Guadeloupe

24 jan 2019:
Sofia Pascual: Insights into the cover units of the Punta del Este in Uruguay: implications for Gondwana assembly

17 jan 2019:
David Hindle: There is no such thing as lower crustal flow, and what that means for plateaus

20 Dec 2018:
Katharine Ford: Characterization of late stage faulting in SW England using drone imagery
Sarah Louis: Quantifying the timing and rate of exhumation of the central and eastern molasse basin

12 Nov 2018
Florian Duschl: Structural control on fluid migration in inverted sedimentary basins.

1 Nov 2018
Max Zeuner: Digital outcrop model of a Variscan shear zone at the Oker reservoir (Harz)

12 July 2018:
Mathias Hueck, Long-term activity of shear zones in the Dom Feliciano Belt and associated terranes (South America)

31 May 2018
Jonas Kley, Models of the Pamir orogeny

17 May 2018
David Hindle, Flexure of the Harz foreland basin and broken plates

15 Feb. 2018
Introduction to three new projects in the framework of the DFG priority program "Mountain building processes in 4D":

  • Elco Luijendijk: Two projects on the thermal effects of fluid flow in the Alps and the exhumation of the Molasse Basin

  • Jonas Kley: Structural thermochronology along AlpArray geophysical transects

25 Jan 2018
Bianca Wagner and Bernd Leiss: introducing a new EU Horizon 2020 project: "MEET: Enhanced Geothermal Systems in different geological settings"

18 Jan 2018
David Hindle: Evidence for earthquakes and displacement rates on the Ulakhan fault, Northeastern Russia.

14 Dec 2017
Christopher Pötzl: Volcanic tuff as natural building stone in monuments and historical architecture

30 Nov 2017
Florian Duschl: MinNoBeck - (hydrothermale) Mineralisationen im Norddeutschen Becken

16 Nov 2017
Introduction to PhD and Postdoc projects by:

  • Johanna Menningen: Characterisation of marble deterioration using ultrasound tomography

  • Martin Reyes Correa: Reconstruction of rift basins in the Eastern Cordillera: Analysis and comparison between the structural styles of tectonic inversion in Middle Magdalena Valley

  • Tim Knörrich: Seismic regionalization of Germany and neighboring areas

2 Nov 2017
Introduction to PhD projects by:

  • Ali Mohamed: Realization of the Nile Basin rifting, Assiut-Beni Suef Province, Egypt: an integrated surface and subsurface structural study.

  • Jan Tomasek: Late Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the western Eger Rift

  • Mathias Hueck: Shear zone evolution in the Dom Feliciano Belt and its influence in the Phanerozoic

18 Feb 2016
Sebastian Oriolo: The Sarandí del Yí Shear Zone, Uruguay: implications for the assembly of Western Gondwana

4 Feb 2016
Bernd Leiss: Current State of the geothermal resource exploration for the Göttingen University Campus

21 Jan 2015
Sonja Philipp: Ergebnisse des Projektes AuGE-Aufschlussanalogstudien in der geothermischen Exploration

7 Jan 2016
Jonas Kley: Tectonics of the Pamir: From Mesozoic terrane accretion to intracontinental subduction

3 Dec 2015
Michael Krumbholz: Applications and limitations of statistics in structural geology

19 Nov 2015
Elco Luijendijk: The global volume and distribution of young and old groundwater in the crust

2 July 2015
David Hindle: Tectonics of the Eurasia-North America plate boundary zone in Northeast Russia

4 June 2015
Florian Duschl: Auswirkungen tektonischer Ereignisse auf die Fluidmigration in Sedimentbecken

21 May 2015
Alexander Malz: Profilbilanzierung des östlichen Faltenjura

30 April 2015
Jonas Kley: Mesozoic structures in Germany - studying the all-important details

5 Feb 2015
Jens Walter: Experimental rock deformation in a neutron beam

15 Jan 2015
Jashar Arfai (BGR): Geology of the German North Sea Basin

8 Jan 2015
Filiz Afsar: Fracture propagation and reservoir permeability in limestone-marl alternations of the Jurassic Blue Lias Formation (Bristol Channel Basin, UK)

11 Dec 2014
Jonas Kley and David Hindle: The evolution of the mid-continent rift

27 Nov 2014
Jonas Kley and Bernd Leiss: Discussion on future research on the geology and geothermal energy resources of the Leinetal Graben

6 Nov 2014
Elco Luijendijk: Constraining the thermal effects of groundwater flow in sedimentary basins