The Chair is involved in a variety of international, global exchange events. Exemplary for this are the various comparative law seminars together with Özyegin University, where German and Turkish law students have the opportunity to visit the others host country.

In recent years, the Asian-German exchange has also intensified when Prof. Dr. Duttge accepted friendly invitations to Korea, Taiwan and Japan and gave lectures in Seoul ("Relation between Ethical and Legal legitimacy regarding human acts on human life") and at Kansai University in Osaka ("Die Patientenverfügung: An Ambivalent Instrument of 'Self-Determination at the End of Life'").

Prof. Dr. Duttge is also member of the German-Korean Law Society (DKJG) and the German-Japanese Lawyers Association (DJJV). There are also cooperation agreements with Yonsei Law School (Seoul), with the KIC (Seoul) and the Research Centre for German Law at Özyegin University (Istanbul).

If you are interested in a visiting research scholarship at the chair, please send us an email with a corresponding application and your CV.