Anerkennung von Auslandsleistungen

Die Auslandsstudienberatung führt die Anerkennung von ausländischen Leistungen durch: Module, die noch nicht im Flexstat als gültige Anerkennung geführt werden, müssen geprüft werden, dazu sind die Kursunterlagen einzureichen. Wie das geht? Bitte aufmerksam den weiteren Text lesen!

Sollen bereits erbrachte Leistungen aus dem Ausland in den Bachelor oder Master importiert werden, so ist das eine Anrechnung. Dafür muss beim Prüfungsamt das Transcript of Records der ausländischen Universität vorgelegt werden. Die Umrechnung der Kreditpunkte und der Note erfolgt erst bei Eintragung der Leistung durch das Prüfungsamt, das dazu auf folgender Seite weitere Informationen zur Verfügung gestellt.

Die Auslandsstudienberatung im Service-Center für Studierende ist dein zentraler Ansprechpartner bei der Anerkennung ausländischer Studienleistungen. Bitte wende dich nicht an die einzelnen Professuren!


Recognition of courses completed abroad

Important changes to the process of transferring credits, starting Dec. 15th 2014:
A form for the process of transferring foreign-earned credits is now available. The form can be downloaded, and we request that you use only this document for this process.

The conversion of credits is completed immediately when the course is registered with the registrar's office. The registrar's office also provides additional information on the following page. Please check the form for relevant information.

The credits are initially considered at face value as the host institution has awarded them, and only equivalent courses can be provided with course equivalency at the University of Göttingen. The information in Flexstat about course credit is no longer valid.

The Study Abroad Advisory team at the Service Centre is the main contact partner for the recognition of foreign-earned credits. Please do not contact individual professors!

Recognition of foreign-earned credit

For the recognition of credits earned abroad, your main contact partner is the Study Abroad Office:
auslandsstudium [at]

The process

1. Selecting courses
Please select only courses that can be counted or transferred back to the University of Göttingen. The courses you select will then be reviewed for whether they can be recognized. Per semester, approximately 30 ECTS should be completed.
Important: in general, bachelor's students can only take bachelor's courses for credit, and master's students can only take mater's courses for credit. Typically, there are no exceptions. Important to note for recognition of credits earned abroad: if you require special credit transfers, such as for a seminar or for a required course, please let the Service Centre know as early as possible and plan this well in advance. Recognition of credits that can be transferred from abroad should be completed and reviewed before your stay abroad. If this is not possible due to documents that are not yet available, please send your request after the prior consultation by mail (post) as soon as the course information becomes available. Recognition of the course after your return is possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

2. Confirmation of credits
Please check in FlexNow whether the course was accepted. If the course was accepted, then you do not need to apply for recognition of the course, please go directly to step six.
Important to note for the recognition of foreign-earned credits: if the course is recognized, a course number and/or name will be specified in the list, which means that the course that was completed abroad and has domestic equivalency.
A master's course is excluded for bachelor's students. If the recognition is only for a specific specialty, e.g. a bachelor's specialization MDM, a master's student can check for the recognition of the course, provided that the above conditions are met. Please visit us during office hours for further clarification.
(under: Statistiken/Prüfungstermine -> Anerkennungen [336])

3. Complete an application form
Fill out the acknowledgement form as completely as possible, in particular, please play particular attention to the course name and course number (if you have this). The form for the recognition of foreign-earned credit should be attached along with a syllabus and bibliography. A complete application form consists of:
- The form for the recognition of foreign-earned credit (Anerkennungsformular)
- Course description including a bibliography and overview of the course content and duration (in German or English)
- A copy of the learning agreement, certificate of attendance, transcript, etc.
- Program description which shows the number of credits that are typically earned for regular matriculated students (only for non-EU universities)

3. Submit the application form
Please hand-in the application and all relevant supplemental materials to the Service Center office, preferably during the office hours of the Study Abroad Advisory team. Alternatively, you can also mail us the documents per mail (postal). All relevant supplementary materials must be provided. If you use internet resources such as screenshots of course selection books, please make sure to cite and refer to the appropriate page numbers.
Our mailing address:
University of Göttingen
Faculty of Economic Sciences Study Abroad Office
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3
37073 Göttingen

Please note that your application must be complete in order to process the grades for recognition at the University of Göttingen. If you need a translation of the course content, we cannot accept unexamined translation through tools such as Google. Please review the translation and make sure that it is using correct German.

5. Review of your application
The Service Center will review your application and will forward the contents for substantive assessment to the expert reviewer. In individual cases, the processing time may take longer than ususal, especially if different experts are needed to participate in the recognition process.
Please print: Check list

6. Results of the application
Case 1: the application is approved
If your application is approved, the Service Center immediately ceases to be your contact person: the registrar's office (Prüfungamt) will notify you about your application status per email, and that your course has now been registered in FlexNow. You will need to provide your certificate or proof of course completion directly to the registrar's office. The course will then appear in your individual overview site on FlexNow with the transferred grade in the University of Göttingen's system. Information about this process is available at:
Case 2: the application is rejected
If your application is rejected, you will be notified of this decision by the Study Abroad Advisory team who can provide you with advice about possible alternatives. We are always happy to advise you on further questions you may have.