Apl. Prof. Dr. Holger A. Rau

The main focus of the chair is Behavioral Economics. Precisely, I concentrate on laboratory- and field experiments and empirical studies in the areas of Labor Markets, Public Economics, and Behavioral Finance. A special interest is the analysis of the explanatory power of economic preferences to predict outcomes in organizations and on (financial) markets. My labor-market agenda studies the impact of gender differences in preferences on the gender-wage gap. Latest projects analyze laboratory- and field experiments exploring the impact of gender differences in preferences on leadership behavior in firms and markets. In terms of teaching, the chair offers different courses in the field of Experimental Economics.

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Research interests

Behavioral Economics, Labor and Organizational Economics, Public Economics, Behavioral Finance

Latest R&Rs & Selected Publications

Latest R&Rs:
Betrayal Aversion and the Effectiveness of Incentive Contracts (mit V. Benndorf und S. Müller), R&R in Management Science

The Team Allocator Game: Allocation Power in Public Good Games (mit A. Karakostas, M. Kocher, D. Matzat, G. Riewe, R&R in Games and Economic Behavior

Latest Publication:
Do I Care if You are Paid? Field Experiments and Expert Forecasts in Charitable Giving (with Anya Samek und Lilia Zhurakhovska), Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021.

Selected List of Publications:
(Currently, I have 25 peer-reviewed publications. Click here for a full list of publications)

Economic Preferences and Compliance in the Social Stress Test of the COVID-19 Crisis (mit Stephan Müller), Journal of Public Economics 194, 104322, 2021.

Decisions under Uncertainty in Social Contexts (mit Stephan Müller), Games and Economic Behavior 116, 73-95, 2019.

On the Impact of Quotas and Decision Rules in Collective Bargaining (mit Robert Feicht, Veronika Grimm und Gesine Stephan), European Economic Review 100, 175-192, 2017.

How Competitiveness May Cause a Gender Wage Gap: Experimental Evidence (mit Matthias Heinz und Hans-Theo Normann), European Economic Review 90, 336-349, 2016.

The Relation of Risk Attitudes and Other-Regarding Preferences: A Within-Subjects Analysis. (mit Stephan Müller), European Economic Review 85, 1-7 (lead article), 2016.

The Disposition Effect in Team Investment Decisions: Experimental Evidence. Journal of Banking and Finance 61, 272-282, 2015.