Visit Fruit Logistica 2014

IARD M.Sc. students and Agricultural Economics PhD students visited the 2014 Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin


On February 7th, 2014 the students of the International Agribusiness and Rural Development (IARD) program in Germany and two PhD students from the Agricultural Economics program, visited the Fruit Logistica fair during its last day of exhibition.

Fruit Logistica is the leading international trade fair of the fruit business and is annually held in Berlin, Germany. This year the fair had around 62,000 visitors from 141 countries and more than 2,500 exhibitors. Also, the fair covers all the levels of trade and the supply chain, meaning that the fair offers a complete market overview. Its main objective is to create excellent opportunities for contacting the target groups in the decision-making level. It also represents a great opportunity to get familiar with the latest innovations of the fruit industry.

The visit had three objectives: to participate in expert talks or presentations; to visit the stands that could provide interesting information; and to participate in a negotiation process between enterprises.

Regarding the first objective, the students participated in a presentation where the topics of Global Gap certification, industries, negative and positive impacts, innovation and quality management were addressed.

Also important, a visit to interesting stands was carried out. Students demonstrated enormous curiosity to observe differences between the conventional and organic product channels.
The third objective was participating in a negotiation. The students observed a part of this process which was done by the CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries), an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands.

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