ZESS - Zentrale Einrichtung für Sprachen und Schlüsselqualifikationen

Examination Week Winter Semester 2018/19

ZESS shall hold common examinations for winter semester courses (2018/19) from Thursday, 24th January 2019 to Saturday, 26th January 2019.

Information pertaining to the individual subjects (time/place) can be found in the column on the right. All examinations begin punctually (!) at the stated times (i.e. on the dot).

Common examinations shall be held for the following courses:

Thursday, 24th January 2019:

  • Foundational Italian I
  • Foundational Italian II
  • Foundational Spanish I
  • Foundational Spanish II
  • Foundational Spanish III

Friday, 25th January 2019:

  • Foundational English III
  • Intermediate English I
  • Foundational French I
  • Foundational French II
  • Foundational French III
  • Intermediate French I
  • Intermediate French II
  • Foundational Russian I
  • Foundational Swedish I
  • Foundational Swedish II
  • Intermediate Swedish II

Saturday, 26th January 2019:

  • Intermediate English II
  • Intermediate English II for Agricultural Sciences
  • Advanced English I for Economic Sciences
  • Advanced English II for Economic Sciences
  • Advanced English I for General Sciences
  • Advanced English II for General Sciences

Information subject to change.