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Research Funding of the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture (MWK)

In addition to the basic funding for Lower Saxony's universities and non-university research institutions, the state of Lower Saxony also supports project-related research with the state budget funding resources and from the Volkswagen Foundation's "Niedersächsisches Vorab" programme. Part of the Volkswagen Foundation's annual funding resources are allocated to the state of Lower Saxony under the auspices of the "vorab" program. The Foundation's Board of Trustees generally receives proposals for the funding allocation in the summer and autumn, which have previously been approved by the state government of Lower Saxony. The four funding lines that are funded by the Lower Saxony State Government are:

    "Collaborative research units and research priorities" funds high-profile research priorities on an international level. Applications can be submitted via the University executive committee at any time after prior consultation with the ministry.

      "New research fields" provides funding for high-profile projects that have high strategic significance as well as future organizational potential (start-up funding). Such initiatives should be coordinated with the ministry at an early stage by the management of the university or research institution. Applications are reviewed by independent scientific reviewers.

        "Recruit & retain" supports the appointment and retention negotiations of outstanding talent in particularly important posts.

          "Funding Programmes and Calls for Proposals" funds current research policy initiatives.

            The Pro*Niedersachsen programme is financed from individual grants. It supports research projects and scientific events in the humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences.
            The "Research Cooperation Lower Saxony and Israel" supports cooperative research projects with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as the Technion Haifa.