Lena Lang

born in 1987 in Gießen. 2008-2014: studied Fine Arts as well as Art and German Studies to become a teacher at a Gymnasium (high-level secondary school) at the University of Kassel and School of Art and Design Kassel. 2013: wrote her thesis on the subject of set design and costume in Frank Wedekind's Lulu and Elfriede Jelinek's Jackie. 2012/2013: performed further training in theater education with the Landesverband Schultheater Hessen and 2013/14: dramaturgy placement at the Staatstheater Kassel. 2012-2014: academic and research assistant as well as lecturer at the Institute of Educational Science at the University of Kassel (at the Department of the History of Education). From October 2014 she has been a member of the Research Training Group GRK 1787.


Doctoral project: The Internet Presence of Authors. Digital practices of self-fashioning and self-marketing
In the age of digitization there are new possibilities to perform and market literature and its producers. Authors can quickly and affordably get in contact with their readership and manage themselves. In my paper, the internet presence of individual contemporary authors in the German-speaking region will be examined from the perspective of the sociology of literature. The autonomous presence is at the fore, via the official website as well as associated social media activities on various platforms.
With Bourdieu's concept of the literary field the website is conceived as a place of the practice of self-fashioning: Here actions of economic positioning , positioning for attention and actions of demarcation occur in the literary field.
For the anaylsis of multimedia internet presence several media theory approaches and intermedial theories are drawn on. Thus on the one hand a contribution to the current research area of authorial self-fashioning is made. On the other hand, due to the (self-) portrayal of the individual actor on the net, a reflection on development tendencies in the literary industry takes place - how the role, the self-image and the professional practice of authors as well as cooperation with the publisher's occurs.

Private Website: http://lenalang.info