Anna-Christine Zapf

geboren 1986 in Hannover. Abitur 2005 am Landschulheim Grovesmühle in Veckenstedt. 2006-2010 Bachelor-Studium der Deutschen Philologie und Mittleren und Neueren Geschichte sowie 2010-2013 Master-Studium der Komparatistik an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Mitbegründerin und 2009-2010 erste Chefredakteurin der Göttinger Campuszeitung AUGUSTA. Von Dezember 2014 bis Februar 2018 Kollegiatin im GRK 1787.

Promotionsprojekt: Social Media Storytelling. Transmediale Erzähltechniken in Literarischen Web-Serien
Today, stories are not only told via books, film or television. For years now, the Internet is an important variable in not only the interaction with fans but also in storytelling itself, since it provides multitudinous ways to publish stories and tell stories via different platforms. While telling stories solely on the Internet is not yet established, web series accepted the new challenges of a fast growing and changing medium targeted at a mainly younger audience and extending the narrative to several other social media platforms, consequently embedding the characters in our world. Literature based web series are a new phenomenon that got under way once crowd favourite Jane Austen found its way to the Internet in form of a web series called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. The Internet has made it easier than ever before to produce, publish and consume creative work at little cost, so The Lizzie Bennet Diaries consequently inspired young creators around the world to produce web based adaptations of literature on their own. The success of these web series stems from enthusiastic and foremost loyal fans, which fully embrace the transmedia and interactive opportunities.
Literary Web Series fall within the scope of several fields of study, from transmedia storytelling to mass media culture and adaptation studies The purpose of this project is to examine the fashion the narratives in transmedia web series are structured in and focusing on web series? most distinctive feature: social media. Since web based adaptations are novelties, a close examination of both the specifics of web based transmedia storytelling and adaptation techniques in various web series can help to comprehend the dynamics between new media, its consumers and literature. In that respect the project not only contributes to the fairly recent field of transmedia storytelling by broadening the prevailing definition, but also achieves fundamental research in the unexplored realm of web narratives.