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Workshop: Making Your Classroom Teaching (More) Effective and Exciting

Title of the event Workshop: Making Your Classroom Teaching (More) Effective and Exciting
Organizer Hochschuldidaktik
Type of event Workshop
Category Karriere und Weiterbildung
Registration required Ja
Details In preparing our classes/seminars/lectures we often focus on making the content easily accessible to the learner. We tend to neglect asking ourselves whether students will feel that they are being addressed directly, whether they will enjoy listening and whether they will be motivated to follow closely and to be active listeners/participants. Whether this will be the case depends on para- and nonverbal elements of communication including our voice as well as supportive facial expressions, gestures and our body language in general. These aspects are what we want to examine in this workshop. You will be offered a brief overview with regard to features pertaining to the speech process and have the opportunity to take part in exercises to increase awareness of your own personal way of speaking, your voice/voice pitch, individual body language including gestures and facial expressions. Attention will be paid to assuring that your spoken and body language are appropriate and suitable for you. You will be invited to give us insight into your personal teaching situation by presenting a brief example of your approach . You will receive input/feedback from the group as a whole and from the two instructors tailored to your individual situation and personal goals. If so desired, we will be able to record presentations to facilitate evalutation. In addition to the seminar room we will also have a lecture hall at our disposal.

Trainer: Susanne Wimmelmann and David Starr

All information about the workshops as well as the possibility to register can be found on the website of the section for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education:
Date Start: 15.06.2023, 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 15.06.2023 , 17:00 Uhr
Location Waldweg 26, Altbau (Waldweg 26)
Contact Hochschuldidaktik
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