PC Colloquium Schedule

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Winter Term 2014/2015

20.11.2014 Kirk A. Peterson
Washington State University (Pullman, USA)
"New correlation consistent basis sets for f-block elements: Progress towards accurate ab initio thermochemistry of actinide-containing molecules"

04.12.2014 Bas van de Meerakker
Radboud University (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
"Cold and controlled collisions using Stark-decelerated molecular beams"

22.01.2015 Dieter Bingemann
Williams College (Williamstown, USA)
"Why are glasses and supercooled liquids so slow-moving?"

26.02.2015 Florian Ehlers
Universität Göttingen
"Triblock-Copolymere als Modellverbindungen für die Polymer-Photovoltaik"

Summer Term 2015


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