Research at the IPC

This page provides an overview of the research groups active at the Institute of Physical Chemistry. These groups work in close co-operation with groups belonging to other institutes at Göttingen University and with several Max Planck Institutes in various research networks, the majority of which are funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Besides, the IPC offers services to other research groups and institutes through its research facilities. A short review of the various research topics can be found here.

Research Groups

Physical Chemistry I / Humboldt Professorship
Alec_Wodtke_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Alec Wodtke
Room 2.124
Tel. +49(551) 39-20071
Oliver_Buenemann_IPC_Website Dr. Oliver Bünermann
Room 234
Tel. +49(551) 39-12764
Tim_Schaefer_IPC_Website Dr. Tim Schäfer
Room 2.126
Tel. +49(551) 39-33127

Physical Chemistry II
Martin_Suhm_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Martin Suhm
Room 1.124
Tel. +49(551) 39-33112
Thomas_Zeuch_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeuch
Tel. +49(551) 39-33126

Lower Saxony Professorship Physical Chemistry
Juergen_Troe_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Jürgen Troe
Room 2.127
Tel. +49(551) 39-33122

Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry
Michael_Buback_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Michael Buback
Room 3.122
Tel. +49(551) 39-33141

Macromolecular Chemistry
ipc_vana_phillip Prof. Dr. Philipp Vana
Room 3.124
Tel. +49(551) 39-12753

Biophysical Chemistry
Andreas_Janshoff_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Andreas Janshoff
Room 0.152
Tel. +49(551) 39-10633
bg Prof. Dr. Burkhard Geil
Room 0.154
Tel. +49(551) 39-91058

Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ricardo_Mata_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mata
Room 4.125
Tel. +49-(551) 39-23149

Electron-Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
M_Bennati_Web Prof. Dr. Marina Bennati
Room 207 at MPI Am Faßberg Tower 3,
Tel. +49-(551) 201 1911

Junior Research Groups

Angelika_Kunze_IPC_Website Dr. Angelika Kunze
Tel. +49(551) 39-22390

Physical Chemistry
Obenchain_head Jun.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Obenchain
Room 3.151
Tel. +49(551) 39-23088

Polymer Kinetics
Florian_Ehlers_IPC_Website Dr. Florian Ehlers
Room 3.126
Tel. +49(551) 39-33128

Former Research Groups

Physical Chemistry of Solids
Goetz_Eckold_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Götz Eckold

Theoretical Chemistry
Joerg_Behler_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Jörg Behler

Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Peter Botschwina †

Emeritus Research Groups

Prof. Dr. Heinz Georg Wagner †

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Hoyermann
Room 1.143
Tel. +49(551) 39-33115