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Welcome to the Institute of Physical Chemistry. As part of the Faculty of Chemistry, our long-established house looks back on 120 years of excellent research in the field of Physical Chemistry.
It covers a broad range of theoretical and practical methods and systems, from the dynamics of diatomic molecules at surfaces, the interactions of small molecular aggregates polymerisation to macromolecules up to the properties of micro- and macroscopic biological structures and condensed matter.


RTG BENCh starts in 2019

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The research training group (RTG) “Benchmark Experiments for Numerical Quantum Chemistry” (BENCh) will establish a high-level research programme aiming to provide landmark experiments for quantum chemical methods benchmarking. The students under the programme will benefit from a wide variety of lab techniques and theoretical support, in order to conceive and execute challenging experiments towards the limits of measurement accuracy in each specific field, and/or enabling data gathering in diverse chemical systems/phenomena. The topics will span from gas phase spectrometry, molecular beam techniques, molecular magnetism to X-ray diffraction.


News from the Wodtke group!


New scientific highlight from our institut:

Chemists have long sought to understand the atomic-scale motion and energy dissipation pathways associated with covalent bond formation. When a hydrogen atom collides with graphene, a transient carbon-hydrogen bond may form. As a result of rehybridization, repulsion of neighboring carbon atoms leads to rapid energy transfer through sonic waves, which stabilizes the bond.

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