Certificate Programme 'Journalism in Practice'

The certificate programme 'Journalism in Practice' imparts the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of journalism and public relations work to students, thereby preparing them for the demands and challenges that these professions pose.
Through the branching of the certificate into compulsory and elective modules, students can be assured of a comprehensive training that on one hand encompasses the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and on the other the opportunity to specialize in various practical aspects of journalism and public relations work.

Compulsory and Elective Modules

The certificate comprises both compulsory and elective modules. The compulsory modules which all students are required to complete encompass the foundation course 'Introduction to Journalism' (3C), a practical module (3C), and a graduate module (3C). The final compulsory module, 'Introduction to Journalism in Practice' (6C), encompasses various courses that may be freely chosen.
The certificate programme includes three elective fields that comprise various modules. The elective fields place an emphasis on practical experience in radio, television and public relations work. Students are required to complete at least two of the three elective fields. Further details regarding the courses offered, as well as the structure of the certificate, can be found in the ZESS examination regulations, under Annex 2, as well as in the document on the right side of this page.


Students may register for the certificate programme when they have completed the course 'Introduction to Journalism'. The registration phase and deadlines for the modules are regularly published on the ZESS homepage.

Span of the Certificate

The certificate encompasses 24 credits. Students who complete the certificate programme 'Journalism in Practice' would have thus fulfilled the obligatory component of the career specialization field (Professionalisierungsbereich, as a transferable skill) in its entirety. Due to the large number of modules that the certificate programme comprises, students should realistically allow for a timeframe of two semesters to finish the programme.

Transfering Credits from Related Modules

All students who have already completed the modules from the career specialization field (transferable skills) are able to utilize the attained credits for the certificate programme, so long as these modules show a correspondence to media and/or journalism. The modules should not date back to more than two to three semesters. Questions with regards to the transfering of credits from modules to the certificate programme can be directed to the supervisor of the certificate programme.


The issuing of the certificate costs 20 euros (one-time payment).