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Admission requirements for the Joint Honours MA "Egyptology and Coptic Studies" (42 C)

  • B.A. degree or equivalent degree

  • Verification required of academic achievement in Egyptology, Coptology, Classical Philology, Papyrology, Classical Archaeology, Christian Archaeology, Ancient and Early History, Ancient Oriental Studies, Cuneiform Studies, Near Eastern Archaeology, Ancient History, Medieval and Recent History, Byzantine Studies, Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, Jewish Studies, African Studies, Arabic Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Classical Studies, Gender Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Archaeology, Anthropology, Ethnology, European Ethnic Studies,or Religious Studies totalling at least 50 credits.

  • You can choose between two study foci: Egyptology or Coptology. For the choice of Egyptology language skills of Middle Egyptian of at least 12 C have to be proven, for the choice of Coptology language skills of Sahidian of at least 12 C.