Food Chain Management Research Group

Scientific Focus Areas

Our special interest is on understanding facilitators and barriers to change in food supply chains, namely with respect to more sustainable behavior. This requires a multidisciplinary approach, and we are committed to integrating economic and behavioral theories to explain organizational and individual decision making.
Our latest endeavors include spatial approaches to account for social influence in behavioral responses.
Qualitative and quantitative empirical studies are employed at farm, manufacturer, middlemen, retailer, and consumer level.
Relevant application areas are:

Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability oriented supplier management
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Contract Design

  • Human Resource Management
  • Incentive design for sustainable behavior in the work place

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Willingness-to-Pay for animal welfare meat
  • Attitude-behavior gap related to meat consumption and purchasing sustainably produced food

  • The group currently works on the following, third-party funded projects:

    1. Chain-wide change management to upgrade a pork brand with improved animal welfare measures
    Projekt MarkiT
    Dr. Birgit Schulze-Ehlers & M.Sc. Nina Purwins
    Studentische Hilfskraft: Annkathrin Possner

    2. Collaborative approaches for a chain-wide sustainability management of Food SMEs
    Projekt TransKoll
    Dr. Birgit Schulze-Ehlers, Dr. Marie von Meyer-Höfer & M.Sc. Antje Risius
    Studentische Hilfskraft: Johanna Meinecke
    Master- und Bachelor-Theses: Carolin Kruska, Hanna-Friededrike Siebert, Marleen van Kampen, Anna-Maria Völcker

    3. Innovative approaches for member bonding in agribusiness coops
    Projekt CooProximity
    Dr. Birgit Schulze-Ehlers & M.Sc. Tim Viergutz

    4. Upgrading pangas and tilapia value chains in Bangladesh
    Projekt BangFish
    Dr. Birgit Schulze-Ehlers
    Master- und Bachelor-Theses: Cordula Hinkes