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Admission requirements for the Single and Joint Honours MA "Scandinavian Studies" (78/ 42 C)

  • B.A. degree or equivalent degree
  • Prerequisites for admission to the core subject studies comprising 78 C are

    a) academic achievements in ancient and modern Scandinavian studies totalling at least 24 C, of which modern and ancient Scandinavian studies each have a share of at least 9 C;

    b) knowledge of the Danish, Norwegian or Swedish language to the extent of at least 21 C.

    For the 78 C Master's degree programme in Scandinavian Studies, a maximum of 15 university places are available. The details are regulated by the selection procedure.
  • Prerequisites for admission to the studies comprising 42 C are

    a) Academic achievement in the subject of Scandinavian Studies or in another subject in the field of literary or cultural science that is clearly related to the Scandinavian speaking region totalling at least 50 credits, 21 credits of which must be in a Scandinavian language (Danish, Norwegian or Swedish, and

    b) Academic achievement in the field of Ancient Scandinavian Studies or a field of Contemporary Scandinavian Studies totalling at least 21 credits.