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The Representative for Academic Quality: a confidential advisor and ombudsperson

Do you feel you are in a difficult situation without a solution?
Do you feel that you are not being taken seriously, or are being misunderstood or treated without respect?

What can the Representative for Academic Quality (confidential advisor/ombudsperson) offer you?

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Advice and information

Mediation and arbitration

Support and guidance

Assessment and improvement

What issues and challenges does the Representative for Academic Quality (confidential advisor/ombudsperson) deal with?

Issues can include

  • questions about examinations and procedures (admission rules, suitability and authorisation procedures, award of places),
  • equipment and resources (e.g. support services),
  • difficulties with teaching staff, colleagues or students,
  • crisis situations and conflicts,
  • any kind of discrimination, violence and threat,
  • advice and other services (e.g. availability),
  • conditions for studying, degree course offers, choice/changing course (recognition of qualifications), student mobility, curriculum-related problems (e.g. course requirements, topicality of study content).

Just send a personal or anonymous e-mail or call on Tel. +49 (0)551 39 28882. Or you can use the contact form to send your ideas, concerns, questions or critical comments. Personal data are treated as confidential throughout.

It is also possible for students simply to obtain advice and assess the situation, without needing to involve the Representative for Academic Quality further.