Abstract Demir

Lanthanide-Based Single-Molecule Magnets with High Blocking Temperatures
Selvan Demir

Molecules that possess an energy barrier to spin inversion have intriguing potential applications in areas such as magnetic refrigeration, molecular spintronics and high-density information storage. Owing to their large magnetic moments and magnetic anisotropy as a result of the near degeneracy of the strongly spin-orbit coupled 4f orbitals, lanthanides have been demonstrated to be well-suited for the design of single-molecule magnets. In fact, lanthanide complexes have continued to exhibit the highest relaxation barriers and blocking temperatures where the latter stems from strong magnetic exchange. A multitude of radical-briged dilanthanide complexes comprising N-heterocyclic ligands were explored via SQUID ac and dc magnetic susceptibility measurements. These results, in conjuction with other work, will be presented.