SFB 1073 Atomic scale control of energy conversion

Integrated research training group (IRTG)

In addition to the fundamental research in the individual projects of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC), the Integrated Research Training Group (CRC-IRTG) offers the doctoral students a comprehensive program in basic energy science and key skills. The CRC-IRTG is a part of the Georg August University School of Sciences (GAUSS).

The CRC-IRTG aims

  • to overcome scientific and cultural barriers between the various disciplines involved in an interdisciplinary CRC.

  • to provide a framework of a well-balanced, structured doctoral education while promoting scientific independence.

  • to prepare the CRC-IRTG students for their career perspectives in academia or industries.

The CRC-IRTG offers

  • annual workshops that bring together all members.

  • a regular biweekly CRC colloquium series, where the PHD students are encouraged to suggest external expert guests.

  • advanced methods and topics courses to familiarize students with various analytical techniques and experimental and theoretical methods.

  • biweekly seminars organized and arranged by the graduate students of the CRC-IRTG.

  • financial and organizational support for research stays at foreign partner laboratories.

  • financial and organizational support for soft skill courses, that are of particular interest to doctoral students of CRC-IRTG.

  • training in good scientific practice and related topics like correct documentation and data management.