Doctorate in Law

The University of Göttingen offers a doctoral programme in law for both, domestic and foreign graduates.

Domestic Graduates
The following prerequisites apply for doctoral studies at the faculty of law of the University of Göttingen:

  • University qualification
  • Matriculation for doctoral studies
  • Passing the first state exam in law at least with "fully satisfactory". (The Faculty Council may grant exemption from this upon application).

Foreign Graduates
Foreign graduates may be approved for doctoral studies at the faculty if they have achieved a Magister degree at a German university in one exam section (Magister paper or oral exam) has been assessed at least "gut". For further information please confer the Information provided by the examination office.

More information on the doctoral programme, its formal requirements and the structured doctoral programme provided by the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG) are available at the homepage of the examination office. Besides, the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG) offers plenty of helpful Informationen on a doctorate at the University of Göttingen and gives advise with regards to scholarships and funding.

If you are interested in doing a doctorate under supervision by Prof. Dr. Uwe Murmann, please contact us by letter or email attaching a CV and letter of motivation.