Center for Integrated Breeding Research

Center for Integrated Breeding Research

Establishment of an European-wide unique "Centre for Integrated Breeding Research"

The Center for Integrated Breeding Research was established at the University of Göttingen on August 22nd 2017. It aims to bring together the expertise of plant and animal breeding with findings from natural and social sciences in order to establish an internationally visible position in this field.

The establishment of the center is sponsored by leading German plant and animal breeding companies.

Kick-Off Event for CiBreed

On October 10th and 11th 2018, the CiBreed organised the Conference on PLANT and ANIAMLS: Bridging the Gap in Breeding Research.


New professors for CiBreed

We are looking forward to welcoming the following new professors:

- Prof. Dr. Timothy M. Beissinger (Plant Breeding Methodology)

- Prof. Dr. Stefan Scholten (Crop Plant Genetics)

- Prof. Dr. Nils Stein (Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources)