Dr. Stephen Boahen Asabere

Akademische Rat a.Z. | Lecturer | ECR

I am an environmental scientist whose research combines landscape ecology, soil biogeochemistry, and applied remote sensing and GIS. I aim in my research to deepen understanding of how global change factors, such as urbanization and land use, affect natural and managed ecosystems in providing services essential to human well-being at different spatiotemporal scales.

Research interests

  • Environmental soil biogeochemistry
  • Applied remote sensing and GIS
  • Land use and landscape ecological science
  • Spatial and temporal time-series analytics
  • Urbanization and urban form analytics
  • Ecosystem services and natural resource impact assessment

  • Projects
    DFG-research grant "SOC dynamics in tropical agroecosystems"

    Thesis topics
    Currently, I am open to discuss thesis topics within the on-going project "SOC dynamics in tropical agroecosystems"

    Running thesis topics
  • Assessing the contribution of coarse fragments to urban arable soil functions (Bachelor project)
  • Carbon accumulation and fractionation in soils beneath hedge rows at early stages after conversion (Master project with BOKU)
  • Characterization of microclimatic differences using high-resolution UAV data on forest disturbance plots in the southern Harz Mountains (Bachelor project with Cartography and remote sensing department)
  • Comparison of spatial patterns of windthrow and bark beetle propagation in spruce forests of the upper Harz based on remote sensing data (Bachelor project with Dr. Michael Klinge)
  • Assessing mobile and biogenic silica fractions in historical agricultural soils to determine their influence on terrestrial silicon cycling (Master project)