Vorlesung: Produktion und Logistik

Learning objectives:

Students get an overview of operational production processes and the intertwinement of production and logistics. They are able to design efficient operational processes with the help of suitable planning models.


  • Production and cost theory
  • Production program planning with linear optimization
  • Supply planning/ sourcing logistics
  • Implementation planning/ production logistics
  • Distribution logistics
  • Simulation and visualization of production and logistics processes

The course will be offered again in the summer semester 2019.


For details regarding the schedule and rooms please visit the UniVZ

Supplementary documents:

All documents are provided in StudIP. The password is provided in the lecture or can be requested at the secretariat of the Chair of Production and Logistics.


The registration for the tutorial groups will be possible during the first lecture week under the following link: http://www.uni-goettingen.de/kleingruppen


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