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Start-up funding programmes for project proposals

Internal opportunities

In order to support initiatives for collaborative research, the Göttingen University Foundation and the Presidential Board of the University can provide start-up funding from the Structural and Innovation Fund upon application. In addition, you can apply for start-up funding from the University of Göttingen for individual research proposals/ European Research Council (ERC).

Collaborative projects include Collaborative Research Centres, Research Units and Research Training Groups funded by the DFG and projects funded by the BMBF, the Volkswagen Foundation, the EU/ ERC and other national and international funding institutions in which multiple working groups or scientists from the University of Göttingen are participating. The funding is only awarded to projects that are coordinated in Göttingen.

The aim of the start-up funding programme is to provide scientists (generally the spokesperson) with the best possible conditions for submitting a high quality proposal and thus to improve the chances of the initiative succeeding. The funds provided for this purpose can largely be freely allocated taking into account the relevant specialist requirements e.g. for an additional research assistant or other assistants, for equipment to carry out workshops or for any business trips required. It is also possible to use the funds to invite external experts.

Please note: If you are applying for fixed-term positions involving administrative coordination tasks these can only be justified in individual cases, i.e. such positions are not subject to general approval. Therefore, please contact the personnel department in due time.

You will find information on the application process and the funding amounts available in the information sheet (please see the link in the box).

External opportunities

Moreover, there are further opportunities to apply for start-up funding with regard to EU project proposals e.g. Horizon Europe (please see the link in the box).