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Start-up funding programmes for project proposals

Internal start-up funding programme

The Foundation under private law of the University of Göttingen or the Presidential Board of the University can provide start-up funding upon application of the spokesperson to support collaborative research initiatives and to prepare project proposals for the European Research Council (ERC). The electronic application form for start-up funding is available here.

Collaborative project proposals that will be submitted to national, international and European funding institutions are eligible for receiving start-up funding, if they include collaborations involving several working groups or researchers from the University of Göttingen. Funding is only granted for projects that are coordinated in Göttingen.

The aim of this start-up funding programme is to provide researchers, usually the spokesperson, the best possible conditions for submitting a high-quality proposal in order to improve the chances of the initiative's success.

The funds made available can largely be used freely, taking into account the subject-specific requirements, for example for an additional academic staff member, for assistants, for conducting workshops or for necessary business trips. It is also possible to invite external experts. However, the start-up amount may NOT be used to finance the costs of catering.

Please note in your planning that a fixed-term contract for academic or administrative staff is not generally possible with approval in individual cases. It is therefore essential that you contact the Human Resources Department in advance in order to clarify any questions regarding fixed-term contracts at an early stage.

The start-up funding programme generally provides the following maximum funding amounts:

Collaborative Research Centre 30,000 euro 40,000 euro
Research Unit 15,000 euro 20,000 euro
Research Training Group 10,000 euro 25,000 euro
Larger project with third party participation 10,000 euro 20,000 euro
If your application is approved, the funds will usually be allocated by the Finance Department within 28 days after your application for start-up funding was submitted to the Research and Transfer Services.

External start-up funding programmes

Moreover, there are further opportunities to apply for start-up funding with regard to EU project proposals e.g. Horizon Europe. If you are interested in applying for start-up funding, please contact the EU Office as soon as possible. Our team can decide, if you are eligible for start-up funding and if yes, which start-up funding programme best suits your research idea.
The Europe Programme of the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK) offers, upon application, financial support for the following activities, for example:

  • Niedersachsen FIT: Research and innovation days in Brussels for the presentation of the research strengths and innovative ideas of Lower Saxony.
  • Niedersachsen BEREIT: Measures for the preparation of project proposals for EU funding programmes.
  • Niedersachsen KONSORT: Measures to set up and consolidate project consortia with the intention of acting as the project coordinator of this consortium to jointly apply in an EU funding programme.

The MWK will review each application and approval depends on the availability of funding. A start-up funding cannot be guaranteed.
Further information

The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports the initiation of international collaboration. Applicants interested in establishing collaborative scientific relationships with partners abroad may apply for funding for trips abroad, guest visits or for exploratory workshops.

The DFG also funds scientific networks. They offer researchers in all career phases the opportunity to engage in a multi-year, cross-location exchange on a research topic of their choice with the aim of achieving a concrete result. A research network consists of a fixed group of people, usually 10 to 20, which may also include researchers working abroad.
Further information on the initiation of international collaboration
Further information on scientific networks
In addition, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) supports measures such as the preparation of joint EU project applications by German applicants with partners in other regions e.g.:
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Call Bridge2ERA-EaP