4th Agriculture and Climate Change Conference
! Postponed to 2022 ! 9 - 11 May 2021 in Hilton Dresden, Dresden, Germany
Abstract submission deadline: 4 December 2020

The 4th Agriculture and Climate Change Conference will focus on the likely impact of climate change on crop production and explore approaches to maintain and increase crop productivity into the future.

More information is available here.

Landscape 2021 - Diversification for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture
20 - 22 September 2021 in Berlin, Germany
Call opens 1 September - 15 November 2020

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14.10.2020 - PIK Press Release: Biggest CO2 drop: Real-time data shows Covid-19’s massive impact on global emissions

While the ongoing Corona pandemic continues to threaten millions of lives around the world, the first half of 2020 saw an unprecedented decline in CO2 emissions. An international team of researchers has found that in the first six months of this year, 8.8 percent less carbon dioxide were emitted than in the same period in 2019 – a total decrease of 1551 million tonnes. The groundbreaking study offers a much more precise look at COVID-19’s impact on global energy consumption than previous analyses. It also suggests what steps could be taken to stabilize the global climate in the aftermath of the pandemic.

…continue reading at www.pik-potsdam.de
Link to the article: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-18922-7

15.09.2020 - PIK Press Release: Climate Change triggers migration – particularly in middle-income and agricultural countries

Environmental hazards affect populations worldwide and can drive migration under specific conditions. Changes in temperature levels, increased rainfall variability, and rapid-onset disasters, such as tropical storms, are important factors as shown by a new study led by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Environmental migration is most pronounced in middle-income and agricultural countries but weaker in low-income countries, where populations often lack resources needed for migration. The findings make it possible to identify geographical regions that may be especially susceptible to migration movements in the future.

…continue reading at www.pik-potsdam.de
Link to the article: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41558-020-0898-6

10.08.2020 - “Food Security” released Special Issue
Just now the journal “Food Security” released a Special Issue titled: “Worldwide disruptions of food systems and the search of enduring food security amidst Covid-19”. This Special Issue provides 30 open-access articles on the current state of food security in general and as it is impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The entire set of articles of the Special Issue are available online on the website of Food Security and Online First.

23.06.2020 - PIK Press Release: Berlin Conference on Climate and Security Launches New Risk Analysis

Destabilising the climate increases the risks to peace and security. To address these risks, scientists and policymakers are working together to find solutions. The Berlin Conference on Climate and Security (BCSC) is the global meeting place for leaders from governments, international organizations, academia, the private sector and civil society to explore how climate change affects peace and security - and what action the international community can take to address the risks. This year, the event will examine the steps needed to raise awareness of climate and security issues in the aftermath of the Corona pandemic.

…continue reading at www.pik-potsdam.de
Link to the program of the conference: https://berlin-climate-security-conference.de/programme-2020

May 2020 - TROPAGS presented recent findings at the EGU General Assembly

Modelling impacts of climate change and alternative management interventions on the multi-functionality of agricultural landscapes in southern Africa

by Reimund Roetter, Simon Scheiter, Munir Hoffmann, Kwabena Ayisi, Paolo Merante, William Nelson, Johannes Isselstein, Jude Odhiambo, Gennady Bracho Mujica, Peter Taylor, Wayne Twine, and Barend Erasmus

November 2019 – Newsletter „agrar aktuell“ – Special Edition SIA features TROPAGS members

The recent publication of „agrar aktuell”, the newsletter of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, is dedicated to the 10-year anniversary of the master study program “Sustainable International Agriculture” (SIA). Professor Reimund Rötter and Professor Tobias Plieninger wrote about the future of SIA and several members of the TROPAGS team, namely Dr. William Nelson, Thomas Bringhenti and Mercy Appiah, contributed articles about their personal perspective of their research in the field of sustainable international agriculture.

The newsletter can be downloaded here. Selected articles are available here.