How do I become a doctoral student?

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers a structured doctoral programme that is accredited and includes course requirements.

Acceptance into a doctoral programme requires meeting certain admission criteria. One primary requirement is identifying a professor who agrees to supervise your thesis, and will need to provide documentation confirming this agreement (Supervision Agreemant).

The following web pages include information on individual chairs and research areas of professors:

If you would like to become a doctoral student, one option is to become a research associate. In this case, you work for a professor and in addition to your research, take on responsibilities such as teaching and supervising seminar and thesis papers. Vacancies for research associate positions are advertised by the respective chairs. If you are hired as a research associate, the professor of the chair becomes your doctoral supervisor.

In addition to working as a research associate, it is also possible to become a doctoral student by joining a Research Training Group (RTG) or a doctoral programme that is financed by a third party, such as the German Research Foundation. Typically, RTGs do not have a teaching requirement, but are generally expected to supervise seminar and thesis papers. Vacancies for positions in RTGs are advertised publicly.
For an overview of current RTGs and doctoral programmes of the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG), click here.

Another funding opportunity is by obtaining scholarships from various organizations and foundations. It is also possible to conduct doctoral studies while working. In this case, you will be required to provide confirmation by a professor who has agreed to supervise your doctoral studies.

Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG)
Doctoral students must complete 20 ECTS (credit points) in the following areas: "Academic Competencies" (10 ECTS), "Subject Competencies" (4 ECTS), and "Interdisciplinary and Key Qualifications" (6 ECTS). Such courses are offered by the GGG, of which all doctoral students of the Faculty of Business and Economics are automatically a member.

The GGG aims to support doctoral students and doctoral supervisors in the social sciences. The GGG offers diverse and flexible trainings, advisory services, and support services. In addition to the Faculty of Business and Economics, the following faculties are also members of the GGG: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, and the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. Doctoral students from different disciplines have the opportunity to exchange knowledge from their respective areas. There is also an "International Helpdesk" that provides additional support and advisory services for international doctoral students.

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