BayesX is distributed in two different versions.

  • A precompiled binary including installer that provides you with both a command line version of BayesX and a version with graphical user interface (implemented in java).
  • A source code package with a makefile.

We suggest to work with the pre-compiled version as a standard. In addition, two R packages (R2BayesX, BayesR) provide access to BayesX from within R via the usual model specification language (see also the FAQ).

Note: Running the GUI version of BayesX requires a 64bit java (>=1.8) included in the path.


Last Update: Version 3.0.2 17.07.2015)


BayesX is distributed with three manuals: A reference manual containing a detailed description of the BayesX commands, a methodology manual containing a short review of the methodological background, and a tutorial manual containing tutorial like sections for new users. All three manuals are part of the standard installation of BayesX and can be found in the 'doc' directory (a subdirectory of the installation directory). They are also available from the BayesX help menu (in the windows version).


If you want to register yourself as a BayesX-user, please enter your E-Mail-address below and click on the 'submit' button. Registration is not necessary for using BayesX, but as a registered user you will be informed about future releases of BayesX or if severe bugs have been found in the current version.

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Previous versions of BayesX are still available, although we suggest to work with the most recent version.

SVN access to the current source code

Anonymous, read-only SVN access to the BayesX source code is available via with user name "anonymous" and empty password.