Marketing and Channel Management

The research focus of the Marketing and Consumer Science Group considers all company activities that result in products and services developed for consumer consumption.

On the one hand, scientists working in this research field are focused upon the cross-company design of value chains, as the specialization of these activities have on the rise. This includes everything from the raw material supplier to the end customer. All levels of the value-added chain contribute to the notion of "Responsible Innovation", as it benefits all social stakeholders in the long term.

On the other hand, researchers are developing approaches for the holistic analysis of markets, including the establishment of exchange relations with value-added partners (customers, suppliers and investors) and social stakeholders (public and state institutions, non-governmental organizations). Given the complexity of the value chains affected by increasing demand for sustainable development, current research focuses on optimization and adaptation of resource-efficient yet profitable strategies. Furthermore, researchers examine the impact consumer behaviour has on purchasing, decision-making and information management. As a consequence, researchers are interested in the new forms of communication and interaction processes that have emerged through the advancements in digitalization.

Additionally, dynamic methods are being researched to help transform seemingly chaotic data, which is formed through real-world and digital consumer interactions, in order to obtain valuable consumer behaviour knowledge.
All projects within this field are based on theoretically founded and empirical supported research that furthers the understanding of entrepreneurial as well as social and political decision-making processes.