Equal Opportunities Team in the Faculty of Theology

All equal opportunities issues in the Faculty of Theology are dealt with by a team of six, the members of which are available for consultation on all aspects concerning equal opportunities.

One member of the team is always present on various faculty`s boards and committees in her capacity as equal opportunities commissioner. In addition, we exchange information with the university`s Equal Opportunities Office as well as other decentralised equal opportunities commissioners.

We also ensure that a lectureship in Theological Gender Research is awarded each semester. This occurs on a rotational basis, alternating between the various theological disciplines

Important Note:

Our office is available outside office hours for use as a feeding and changing room. It can also be used as a chill-out room. There are also game boxes for different ages available. Congenial furniture (e.g. changing table) was available. The office key can be obtained from the librarian on duty.

Baby changing facilities can be found in the disabled persons toilet on the ground floor.

Details of our equal opportunities commissioners and their areas of responsibility

Please telephone or email us to make an appointment.

Dr. Andrea Bencsik 140px Dr. Andrea Bencsik

Responsible for student concerns (especially discrimination and harassment of any sort by fellow students, tutors)

Phone: +49 551-39-27135
Phone: +49 551-2053650
Contact by email
Room 2.133
House letterbox 31

GB Platzhalter Johann Garms Johann Garms


Contact by email

GB Helena Theiss Inge Höhl

Responsible for family and work compatibility (issues concerning childcare, studying with a child, care of family members etc.)

Phone: +49 551-39-27150
Contact by email
Room 2.126
House letterbox 26

GB Prof. Dr. Christian Polke 140px Prof. Dr. Christian Polke

Responsible for Gender funding programs and Diversity

Phone: +49 551-39-27153
Contact by email
Room 2.171
House letterbox 24

GB Platzhalter Johann Garms David Mertins


GB Denise Wallat Denise Wallat

Responsible for employee concerns (contact for problems, questions, opportunities for improvement etc. in relation to equal opportunities).

Phone: +49 551-39-27153
Contact by email
Room 2.155
House letterbox 24