Study & Work & Family

In the Equal Opportunities Office of the Faculty of Theology you will find all the possibilities to rest for a moment and also to look after your children.

The room is equipped with a baby's changing unit and mattress pad as well as comfortable furniture.

Additionally, 3 mobile play boxes are available. These are intended for the following target groups:

  • Children between 0-1 years: a box contains baby toys, building blocks, books, etc. All of them are things you can grab, look at, move or make noises that are not too loud.
  • Children between 1-3 years: a box contains age-appropriate picture books, simple wooden puzzles, threading games, building blocks, cubes, etc.
  • Children between 3-6 years: a box contains age-appropriate books, painters' books with photocopies, sorting boxes for forms, etc.

  • Previous registrations are not necessary. The key to the office (2.140) can be obtained from the registry of our seminar library.

    If you sort out good toys yourself, you are of course welcome to make them available to the general public in cleaned condition by refilling our boxes. We are also grateful for suitable books.