Lectures and Presentations


“Qajarian lithography: Creating images not for privileged few” Ernst Herzfeld Society,14th Colloquium, Strasburg.


“Reconstruction of Shiʿi Islam among the folks: A survey of illustrated lithographed books of Qajar Period.” Ernst Herzfeld Society,13th Colloquium, Vienna.


“Prophecy and Propagating Shiʿi Islam among the Folks: A Survey of Illustrated Lithographed Books of Qajar Period.” Third Biennial Symposia Iranica, Cambridge.


“Irregular’ Illustrations: Mirzā ʿAli-Qoli Khoʾi’s Visual Representation of Saʿdi’s Poems.” Eleventh Biennial Iranian Studies Conference, Vienna.


“Is There a Visual Code for Recognizing a Follower of Chivalry?” Second Biennial Symposia Iranica, Cambridge.


“Narrative Images and the Art of Narration in Representing the Chain of Events in Parde-khāni Performance.” 10th Annual Symposium of the Ernst Herzfeld Gesellschaft, Hamburg.


“Visual Representation of an ʿayyār: A Model or a Rival for the Prince?” International Conference: Mirror for the Princes, Göttingen.


“Concepts and Images in Samak-e ʿayyār Romance.” 9th biennial of Iranian Studies, Istanbul.


“Painters’ Interpretations of Ferdausi’s Twelve Rukh Scenes with a Concentration on Two Inju Manuscripts.” 7th European Conference of Iranian Studies, Krakow.


“The St. Petersburg Shāhnāme, an Admiration for Monarchy or Manliness?” 31 Deutscher Orientalistentag, Marburg.


“The Symbolic Language of Victory and Defeat in the Manuscript of Samak-e ʿayyār.” In the workshop The Way I See it: Transcultural Perspectives on Image, Gaze and Perception, Asia and Europe in a Global Context, Heidelberg.


“The Mystical Language of Victory and Defeat in St. Petersburg Copy of Shāhnāme.” International Conference of illustrated Shahname Manuscripts, May 14–18, 2008, Tehran-Zabol.


“Fractals Geometry and Its Concept in Islamic Art.” International day of Islamic Art, Faculty of Arts and Crafts, Art University, Tehran.