Institute of Iranian Studies

Institute of Iranian Studies



- You are currently a student (BA., MA., PhD.) and you want to strengthen your academic writing skills and your intercultural competence?. Click here for more information! An interesting course with limited number of participants.

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Iranian Studies in Göttingen


Iranian Studies deals with societies and cultures in the Iranian-speaking area from pre-Islamic times to the present day. This also includes regions outside of present-day Iran. Our institute belongs to the faculty of humanities. more

BA and MA Programs

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The institute offers a BA in Iranian Studies (Click here for more information) , and a M.A. in Iranian and Persianate Studies (Click here for more information) . The language of instruction is German in the BA, and English in the MA. Detailed information on our study program are provided in the virtual study orientation (Click here for a link to: virtuelle Studienorientierung) and on the sites about the study programs oft he university BA Programs / MA Programs.

Flyer MA Program in Iranian and Persiante Studies (*.pdf )