When and how can I apply for a leave of absence?

In the case of a semester abroad, or an internship abroad, a leave of absence from your degree programme at the university is possible. A leave of absence must be applied for at the Student Centre, and can only be given for entire semesters. In the case of an internship, the Student Dean (Dr. C. Ahl, Tel. +49 (0) 551 / 39 - 5504, Email) must approve the leave of absence. The requirements are that the internship must last at least 3 months, or a minimum of half of the lecture period. At the time of application for leave of absence, written proof of an accepted internship, with the duration noted, must be available and provided.

A leave of absence is also possible during an Erasmus semester abroad for studies (or Tuition Waiver study abroad). The certificate is issued by the Erasmus office after the application has been submitted to the partner university. This must be attached to the leave application, and no additional signatures are required. 

Further information about taking a leave of absence can be found here: http://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/52008.html.