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Workshop: Searching international jobs and internships online with GoinGlobal

Are you looking for an internship abroad or international career opportunities? Do you want to increase your odds of job hunting online? In this workshop you get tips for a successful online job search and learn how to use the GoinGlobal database as an effective research tool.

This workshop focuses on the following questions:

  • What shall I consider regarding online job search in general?
  • What are the beneficial GoinGlobal's job search features?
  • How can I use the GoinGlobal database effectively?
  • What strategies can I use for my online job search?

Method: Interactive presentation and individual questions

Language: English

Target group: Students, graduates and PhD students from all disciplines of Göttingen University

Lecturer: Stefanie Straßer

Date: 28.02., 27.03., 24.04., 26.06., 30.11.2017, 5 - 6 pm

Place: Foyer of the Office of Student Affairs, Wilhelmsplatz 4 (entry Burgstraße 51)

Group size: 15 persons

Binding registration: online registration form

Contact: Career Service, Stefanie Straßer, 0551/39-14192

The participation in this event offers the possibility to collect Internationalisation Points for the International Certificate. For further information please contact Stefanie Straßer.