International Certificate

The International Certificate is an extra-curricular programme of the University of Göttingen to honour international experience and intercultural competence as well as commitment in supporting international students with a personal certificate.

Why should I take part?

  • It is a recognition of your intercultural engagement and your disposition to learn continually.
  • You widen your horizon and your understanding of different cultures.
  • You support international students during their integration into the German study life.
  • You prepare and reflect your stay abroad with professional help by your side.
  • Your get your intercultural competence certified.
  • You can add this certificate to your application documents and by this you proof your sof-skills.

How to obtain the certificate?

You can complete the different parts of the certificate in as many semesters as you like within your study period at Göttingen University.

To obtain the certificate, you have to fulfill the requirements of one of the three focus areas.
Every focus area is composed of a theoretical part (courses and trainings) and the practical part Intercultural Engagement.