In publica commoda

Preparation for and follow-up of a company excursion

  • Be prepared! What exactly do I wish to know? The more specific the questions you put to the Human Resources officers are, the more detailed and to the point their answers will be, so that they can offer you a well-founded basis of information for your job application.

  • Be smart! How can the excursion provide me with the impetus to position myself successfully on the labour market? How can I make use of the information for a systematic job search and for my job application process? What should be my next steps?


  • Use the personal advisory service offered by the Career Service and discuss your thoughts and questions with us

  • Gather information about the company ahead of time. Research the company?s activities and all basic information about it (such as size, number of employees, departments, corporate values, locations)

  • Set yourself personal goals for taking part in a company excursion. Such goals may be:

    • Orientation for your choice of career
    • Gaining general insights into professional work
    • Getting to know a special occupational field or special industry
    • Getting to know a specific company or institution
    • Targeted preparation of your career start
    • Making contact with potential employers
    • Orientation for further studies
    • Using the contact for your final thesis
    • Gaining valuable information for further orientation and/or job applications
    • What interests you about the company or industry? Think carefully about your questions, so that you can gain as much information as possible from your visit

During the company excursion

  • Wear suitable clothing: the excursion is not a job interview, but it is a first opportunity to leave the impression of professionalism.

  • Ask targeted questions to gain valuable information about the company, industry or labour market. Possible topics for questions:

    • corporate structure
    • corporate goals
    • working processes, a typical working day, working hours
    • fields of activity
    • Any vacancies? Desired profiles?
    • What skills are desired or expected?


  • Reflect on your visit in a personal advisory session

  • Make use of your experience for your own professional orientation or job applications. You have received valuable insider information which may give you an advantage for future job applications and interviews.