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Career Tools

Career Guidance

Competencies, Values, Interests

What qualifications and experience do you bring to the table? Which skills do you possess?

Career Tools

Working Environment

Which professions suit your abilities? What would be your ideal working environment?


Job Search

How can you find a position that is perfect for you? How do you build a network at an early stage?

Application Profile

What defines a pro-
fessional (unsolicited) application? Which formal aspects and contents are essential to digital applications?


Selection procedure

How do you catch the eye in job interviews? How do you prepare and evaluate during your job search?


Service Learning

Beim Service Learning wird akademisches Lernen mit bürger-
schaftlichem Enga-
gement in Form einer Dienst- oder Service-
leistung für gemein-
nützige/öffentliche Einrichtungen verbunden.



How can you use an internship for your career orientation? How can you find an internship that is perfect for you?


Internship Abroad

Are you considering an international career? How can you find an internship that is perfect for you?