Welcome to the Department of Ecumenical Theology and Oriental Church and Mission History

The department of Ecumenical Theology and Oriental Church and Mission History explores the History of Christianity with special regard to the manifold Christian traditions and cultures in the Near and Middle East, India, and Eastern Europe. The focus of teaching and research in the department lies on interreligious co-existence, Christian-Muslim relations, and Oriental-Occidental interactions. The department is also concerned with topics that are of current social and political relevance in Europe today, e.g. oriental minority cultures in Europe.

Particular emphasis in research and teaching at the department lies on the necessity of actual encounter and serious engagement with the respective Other. Therefore, work in the department follows an interdisciplinary approach and relies on an international network of partners. With these thematic priorities, the department is unique in Germany.

Head of the department is Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin Tamcke. He is also the Director of Studies in the M.A. programme “Intercultural Theology” and the Erasmus Mundus M.A. programme “Euroculture”, both of which he co-founded. Professor Tamcke has studied Theology, Philosophy, and Oriental Studies. After PhD and Habilitation (both at the University of Marburg), he was appointed Professor for Ecumenical Theology and Oriental Church- and Mission-History at Georg-August-University Göttingen. He is visiting professor at numerous universities in Europe, Asia, and North America.


Workshop „Religious fragmentation as factor of conflict“

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