former doctoral student representatives

With the elections in Summer Term 2021, the following Doctoral Students Representatives (and their deputies) were elected by the doctoral students of the respective faculties. The term of office runs from 1st Oct. 2021 to 30th Sept. 2022. The responsible representatives of the faculty are available for personal questions regarding the doctorate or the doctoral programme. General questions, suggestions or problems can be discussed with the Speaker of the Doctoral Students Representation and the Deputies.

Faculty Position Name Contact Details
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences currently vacant
Faculty of Biology
and Psychology
Doctoral Students Representative Syed Bilal Hassan
Faculty of Chemistry Doctoral Students Representative Nico Graw
1. Deputy René Kevin Rahrt
Faculty of Forest Sciences
and Forest Ecology
Doctoral Students Representative Liane Neudam
1. Deputy Peter Fabian Hansen
Faculty of Geoscience
and Geography
Doctoral Students Representative Heinrich Petri
Faculty of Law Doctoral Students Representative Julia Biastoch
1. Deputy Tim Nicklas Festerling
Faculty of Mathematics
and Computer Science
Doctoral Students Representative Jonas Hügel
1. Deputy Benjamin Kocurov
University Medical Centre
Doctoral Students Representative Johannes Robert Fleischer
1. Deputy Aline Breitenbach
2. Deputy Svenja Mareike Kiehn
3. Deputy Jan Maximilian Wehmeyer
Faculty of Humanities Doctoral Students Representative Anna Savitskaya
1. Deputy Natalia Kruglova
2. Deputy Bastian Linneweh-Kacmaz
Faculty of Physics Doctoral Students Representative
and Speaker
Tobias Westphal
1. Deputy Stephan Jürgen Melles
Faculty of Social Sciences Doctoral Students Representative Samira Mummelthey
Faculty of Theology Doctoral Students Representative Krystyna-Maria Redeker
Faculty of Business
and Economics
currently vacant

Speaker Team of the Doctoral Students Representatives

The following Speaker and Deputies were elected at the constituent meeting of the Doctoral Student Representatives on 28th September 2021:

  • Speaker of Doctoral Students Representation: Tobias Westphal (Faculty of Physics)
  • 1. Deputy: Krystyna-Maria Redeker (Faculty of Theology)
  • 2. Deputy: Jonas Hügel (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science)