Kolumbien, Universidad EAFIT, Medellín

Dear Students,

The Universidad EAFIT is a private university that was established in 1960 and is located in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Medellín is the second largest city after the capital Bogotá and in 2012 it was named the most innovative city in the world by the Wall Street Journal. In 2011 the world's longest escalator, which stretches a height of 28 stories, was opened in the city. Medellín’s nickname is the "City of Eternal Spring" given the year-round warm and sunny weather. The average annual temperature is 21.9 ° C.

Students can choose from a total of 21 Bachelor programmes and 34 Master programmes at the university. The EAFIT also has a "School of Management" and a "School of Finance and Economics" in which economics courses can be attended. In addition to English, Chinese and German, courses are taught in ten other languages.

For further information and questions, please contact our study abroad advisory team.

University University EAFIT
City Medellín
Population ca. 2,441,123 (2013)
Suitable for Economics & Business Administration (Bachelor & Master)
No. of Students ca. 11,970
Academic year

1st Semester: January - June

2nd Semester: July – November

Required Language skills Spanish and English
Language of instruction Spanish or English
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Application process

  • 1. Apply at the Study Abroad Advisory team:
    Until the 15th of Jan for the following winter semester
    Until the 15th of June for the following summer semester
    Application documents are only available online during the application period under this URL.
  • 2. If your application is successful you will be nominated as a suitable candidate at the host university.
  • 3. Please note that you must conduct the enrolment process yourself at the host university. Also take note of any additional application deadlines.
  • 4. . Some points to consider when starting your travel arrangements:

    • International travel insurance
    • Credit approval procedures
    • o Possible visa application
    • Book flights
    • Etc.

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