Master's Theses

Master's thesis positions at the Chair of Marketing and Innovation Management are filled through a standardized admission process. Within this admission process, you are not solely applying for a Master's thesis position with a specific supervisor at the Chair of Marketing and Innovation Management, but rather for one with any of the supervisors. However, you can indicate topic preferences, which will be taken into consideration during the admission process.

Application Period Colloquium
16th October to 31st of January Mid-April
16th February to 31st May Mid-Augustt
16th June to 30th September Mid-December

To apply for a Master's thesis position, please complete the application form in its entirety.

Incomplete applications cannot be considered as part of the Master's thesis admission process.

Within one week after the application deadline has passed, you will be notified of the outcome of the process and the subsequent steps. If you decide to withdraw your application in favor of another Master's thesis position, we kindly request that you promptly inform the chair's secretary via email out of consideration for your fellow students.

Registration with the examination office will take place no later than 6-8 weeks after the assignment of the supervisory position.

A typical master's thesis at the professorship proceeds as follows:

Documents to be submitted:
Please send an email with a current transcript of records from the examination office.
Application requirements: :
  • Successful completion of a research seminar at the faculty
  • At least one completed optional course in the field of Marketing or Business Information Systems