Short description of research activities in CRC 990:

Fabian Brambach’s research focuses on dynamics in plant diversity under the different land-use regimes in the CRC 990. Building on the data collected from all 32 core plots in the first project phase, he focuses on different dimensions of diversity in relation to site conditions and land-use.
One of his main activities in 2018 is the coordination of plant data collection and species-identification on the 12 new core plots in riparian habitats. These data will enable us to compare patterns of taxonomic diversity and composition in riparian vs. upland sites.
As taxonomic diversity alone is not sufficient to understand how land-use change affects ecosystem functioning, the quantification of phylogenetic, functional, and biogeographical aspects of diversity will be another main focus.
Sumatra is one of the least-studied regions of Indonesia in terms of plant diversity. One of the reasons for our insufficient understanding of the islands flora is the lack of tools for plant identification. The creation and continuous improvement of the EFForTS Sumatra Plant Database
(beta version: aims to bridge this gap.
Fabian continues the work of Dr. Katja Rembold, who starting from March 2018 will continue with CRC 990 group B06 as an associated researcher.

Fabian is Postdoctoral Speaker of Group B
Fabian is also Social Media representative of Group B