Non-equilibrium statistical physics
(Prof. Dr. Peter Sollich)


  • Nov 2023: Poster with a graphical overview of project areas for ideas for Bachelor and Master projects is available online - see also this list for specific new projects
  • Aug 2023: New publication in Physical Review Letters on analytical theory for amplification of composition imbalances in complex mixtures
  • Jun 2023: Peter Sollich awarded "Robert-Wichard-Pohl-Medaille" for teaching excellence
  • Dec 2022: Jack Parley awarded "Dr. Berliner und Dr. Ungewitter" PhD Dissertation Prize 2022, see here

Research focus

The focus of our research group is on the statistical physics of systems that are out of equilibrium. This is an area where there are many fundamental question, in particular around energy transformations and dissipation, and in the group we develop theoretical tools to tackle these (e.g. trajectory thermodynamics, approximation techniques for path integrals).
We also work on a number of application areas including (see also this poster)
  • Aging and mechanical response in amorphous systems, including applications to biophysics
  • Phase separation in complex mixtures
  • Active systems, driven by e.g. self-propulsion or non-Gaussian noise
  • Subnetworks and coarse-graining, e.g. in protein interaction and gene regulation networks
  • Dynamics on networks and applications to glassy physics
  • Statistical physics tools for inference and machine learning


You can find an overview of the group's publications on

Open positions and Bachelor / Master theses

We welcome new members with an interest in the fascinating world of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. For possible topics of Bachelor, Master or PhD theses please contact the group leader, Prof. Peter Sollich
See also this poster for a graphical overview of topics and project ideas

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