In publica commoda

The university logo

The logo of the University of Göttingen consists of the letters G and A as well as the name Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. In addition, the University's mission statement is integrated into the logo, insofar as the size shown permits: In Publica Commoda - For the Good of All - was already written on the University's founding medal in 1737, and the University has been committed to this mission statement since its founding.

When using the logo, some basic instructions must be observed. For example, the logo must not be compressed, stretched or distorted in any other way, and it must not be provided with a frame, shadow or comparable elements. The view of the logo is always horizontal; rotated or inverted use is not permitted.

The University logo is coordinated for joint use with the UMG and SUB logos. In these cases, the logos are set so that the names of the institutions converge.

Protective space

A protective space is defined around the logo, which must generally be adhered to. This protective zone determines the distance to possible edges as well as to texts or illustrations. The size of the protective space to be maintained is shown in the following illustration:


Use of the University's logo and seal

The logo of the University of Göttingen is available exclusively for use for university purposes. Other uses must always be agreed with the University's Public Relations Office.

The use of the logo is permitted for publications and websites if it is a publication of the University or if it is a publication related to a third-party funded project. The use of the logo on theses written at the University of Göttingen is also permitted.

Logo download

Here you can download a version of the logo for use in digital documents and for web pages.


All employees of the University of Göttingen can also download further variants of the logo from the intranet. You can find this content here.

Seal of the University

The University of Göttingen has its own seal, which is designated in the University's Basic Regulations. The use of the University Seal requires the approval of the Presidential Board and is regulated in the "Guidelines for the Use of the Seals of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (including the University Medical Center Göttingen)".

In addition to the university seal, some of the faculties of the University of Göttingen also use a faculty seal. The use of the faculty seal also requires approval; in this case, the Dean's Office of the respective faculty is responsible.