Euroculture in Göttingen

The interdisciplinary programme Euroculture in Göttingen is run jointly by the Faculty of Social Scienes, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Theology. The Departments of Political Sciene, Sociology, History, German and English Philology, Theology contribute to the programme. In addition, there is a well-established cooperation with the Center for Methods in Social Scienes and subjects such as Sociology, Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology, Economics and Intercultural German Studies, among others

At Georg-August-Universität Göttingen we understand Euroculture as approach to examine Europe in an inspiring multidisciplinary context. We analyse it for its crises and continuities, exchanges as well as collaboration and co-habitation. The structure of the Euroculture allows students to develop their individual profiles and to specialize according to their interests.
The Georgia-Augusta has a long tradition in interactive and research-based learning that informs the Euroculture programme as well. Students are encouraged to actively participate in class and to be open to group-work.

Due to its long-standing special cooperation with e.g. the University of Pune, the relations between the Near East / India and Europe form a special focus during the second semester. The postcolonial situation provides the basis for reflecting upon and challenging what has been established in the first semester.
The other regional focus would be on North America and the mutual influences between the regions, which are analyzed in its political implications and cultural foundations.