Hinter den Kulissen bei my.worX – Wir packen aus!

The Reality for Rehab Patients

The Health Care Professional and Caregiver Day 2018 (ABT 2018) takes place annually at the non-profit organisation, my.worX. The event aims to provide rehab patients, who work at my.worX, the chance to show their health care professionals and/or caregivers their workplace at my.worX. The organisation employs approximately 100 rehab patients who work in one of four departments in Göttingen: digital media; muesli, snack bars and snacks; catering and bicycle assembly. As per the project assignment, the project team, consisting of students Alexandra Färber, Katrin Nitsche, Vanessa Boschke and Robert Köhle, was to develop and realise a concept for the ABT 2018, which they did using the slogan 'Behind the Scenes at my.worX - we're dishing the dirt!.

After the chairperson and workshop manager's opening speech, guests were treated to a poetry reading by two patients who had written the poem themselves. This set the mood for the ABT and thus the afternoon tea was opened. During the ABT, the various departments were introduced by showcasing interviews that were held beforehand. The catering department which was initially prohibited from introducing itself due to hygiene regulations, was permitted to introduce itself to guests after a rally. A photo booth and a slide presentation of the various departments, both of which had been set up earlier, provided entertainment throughout the event. The festivities concluded with an award ceremony of the rallies in the canteen, where participants had the chance to immortalise themselves by pressing their thumbprint onto a piece of canvas.