Disability and Accessibility Accommodations at ZESS

Here at ZESS, we are unequivocally willing to assist students with a physical or mental handicap, such that they may confidently and assuredly complete their studies. To this effect, we offer access arrangements to ensure that no handicap shall stand in the way of a student's path to completing his/her university curriculum.

However, do take note of the following guidelines when contemplating access arrangements:

  • We offer accommodation of the conditions and the structure of an assessment - the assessment content and its grading requirements cannot be changed.
  • We are only able to accommodate students who have real need - be it the consequences of a handicap, chronic/acute mental illness or dyslexia; we are unable to take measures if there is no real requirement of access arrangement.
  • When offering access arrangements, we always take into account the unique interplay between each individual student's health condition and the classroom/assessment situation.

Application Procedure:

  • Video Clip: Disability and Accessibility Accommodations at ZESS
  • Pleases submit a written request to the ZESS Examination office at the beginning of the course. In the case of dyslexia, a written request is recommended before taking the foreign language placement test for a course.
  • Include a description of the impairment with regard to the examination situation.
  • Submit a medical certificate or a statement by a licensed psychological psychotherapist.

The examination board considers the application. In case of a positive decision, a decision is issued to the applicant and the respective teacher is informed. The teacher then implements the measures specified in the decision of the examination board in consultation with the applicant for the examination. It should be noted that a certain amount of time is required for content-related and organizational implementation.