Graduation Projects

Current Projects

Department Image and Artefact

  • Lucie Böttger: Classifications and Categorisations with Digital Methods. Consistency and Variation in the Shapes of Hellenistic Terracottas of Women
  • Deborah Ehlers: Perception-supporting Offers in Virtual Museums. An Explorative Approach
  • Marta Kipke: Semantic Networks of Visual References. Investigations on the Categorisation of Similarity, Formal Dependence and Interpictoriality
  • Alexander Zeckey: 3D Shape Analysis of Ancient Terracottas: Contributions to Automated Object Mining

Department Text and Language

  • Jürgen Knauth: Computational Analysis of Political Debates: Detecting Hyperpartisanship and Framing. (Institute for Computer Science)
  • Franziska Pannach: Narrative Pattern Extraction in Culturally and Temporally Diverse Texts (Institute for Computer Science)
  • Stefan Ziehe: Deep Learning Approaches to Multimodal Processing (Institute for Computer Science)

Completed Projects

  • Mariona Coll Ardanuy (2017): Entity-Centric Text Mining for Historical Documents. (Institute for Computer Science)