"Plant Breeding Methodology"

The objectives of this group involve plant quantitative and population genetics, to better understand how plants have evolved in the past, how phenotypes and genotypes are related in the present, and how these sets of information can be used for plant improvement in the future. Primary interests fall into two categories:
1. Understanding how organisms respond to evolutionary forces such as artificial selection.
2. Working to achieve an improved understanding of complexities of genotype-phenotype relationships such as interactions and non-additivity.

Scientific staff:

PhD students:
Cathy Westhues
Barış Alaca
Mila Tost

Technical staff
Bianka Wehr
Dietrich Kaufmann

Administration staff

Krista Morassutti


Using G-hat to identify adaptive complex traits.
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Beissinger et al. Genetics 2018. 209.1

Estimated demographic history of maize and teosinte.
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Beissinger et al. 2016. Nature Plants2:16084